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Copyrights by Photographers in Tanzania

Copyright is the legal right to print, prepare, create, publish, perform, film, or record a literary, artistic, or musical work. In Tanzania, the copyrights of the photographer are protected by The Copyrights and Neighboring Act of 1999. Section 5(2)(h) provides that Authors of original Works in which literary and artistic works shall lie copyright may
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A Will is a statement, which is voluntarily made by a person during his lifetime to explain his intention on how his property shall be distributed upon his death. A Will can be of two types: An oral Will and a written Will. An oral will is a type of a will where the wishes
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Custody is generally formulated and approved during the divorce or separation hearings. However, the law does not prohibit filing custody applications before getting divorced. The law provides for prerequisites and procedures to consider in filing a custody application in both the Law of Marriage Act R.E. 2019 and the Law of a Child act R.E.
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