Q&A on Immigration laws in Tanzania

Published by Njile Bwana


How can I apply for the Resident/Work Permit in a quick way?

The government in order to promote investment now issues work and resident permits are issued within 14 days each upon having all the required documentation.

How do you deal with overcharge on permits?

No charges are to be issued more or lesser than the requirement of the law. In case of overcharge report the matter immediately to the nearest labor or immigration officer/ Contact the embassy/ Contact your lawyer in order to receive a refund.

Can officers of Ministry of Labor/Employment arrest Foreigners who do not have a permit or whose permit expire on the spot?

After your residence permit expires you have 30 Days grace period for renewal or leaving the country. After expiration of 30 days they can and are allowed to arrest you as you will be living in the country illegally. Any foreigner working without a permit is committing an offence and may be arrested.

How long can the detention/arrest from overstay last?

Depends with how quick your file will be taken to court. Upon charges being read to the arrested individual and case proceedings, the court will decide either to fine or deport the individual.

How to deal with detention/Arrest and being released quickly?

This is dependent to the court or if an individual pleads guilty to the offence. Bail can be applied here as well.

What are the current new requirements under the Labor/Residence commissions?

Ratio of employee during application should be (1 Foreigner = 10 Locals). In case one does not meet the ratio, you are required to write a letter to the minister responsible before application and upon his approval you can attach the letter and your application to the commission. Copies of all passport copies pages must be attached in an application. Changes in the job descriptions requirements. Application to be conducted while individuals are outside the country

Are spouses permitted and/or likely to find work?

Dependents/spouses are permitted to stay in Tanzania for the duration of the working relative's stay with residence permit. They generally do not work, unless they fulfill the criteria as detailed in the Class B application.

Is there anything else I should know about entering and remaining in the country legally?

If the Director of Immigration does not renew a residence permit, the holder is required to return to his or her country of origin. The holder however, can lodge an appeal to the Minister of Home Affairs.

Residence permits have a grace period of one month, following the expiration. The holder is therefore obligated to make arrangements for renewal within this period to avoid inconveniences related to staying in the country unlawfully. A special pass can be issued to people who have submitted their applications for permits and are waiting for the decision. This is issued at the discretion of the Director of Immigration.