Simon Msekeni

Legal Consultant

SIMON MSEKENI is an LLB Holder from Saint Augustine University of Tanzania and,currently holding the position of a Legal Consultant at KKB Attorneys at Law.SIMON MSEKENI takes time to truly involve himself with the Clients and incorporate their goals, values, and offer feedback on the client’s needs. As a Consultant, he represents clienin all matters concerning Corporate law, Labour law, Probate and Administration of Estates,Real estate, and Litigation.He takes a significant amount of time drafting Client’s documents on various legal matterssince he is well-equipped with drafting skills, knowledge, and flexibility.In addition, he is well conversant with team play, flexibility, and integrity.He aspires to become the best all round lawyer being conversant in both the corporate worldand litigation world.

Client Focused

Results Driven

Proven Success